Sell your home with an experienced sales broker

You have decided to sell your home. Ideally, you want the sales process as smoothly as possible and that you get a nice amount for your house or apartment. Which broker can sell you as the best help? For us, a sales agent who is genuinely committed, straightforward and no-nonsense. We are known as approachable, direct and approachable. No sharp suits and high heels but just a good broker.

The presentation and findability on is more important than ever. We would like to make a plan to interest as many candidates and find the right buyer. We want to show you all the possibilities and you will receive at all times honest and sound advice.

Important for a successful sale is initially attract as many candidates. Our presentation and high google ranking of our site certainly contribute to this at. Additionally 97% market share of course the most important tool. Furthermore, our offer also and we have a good view of the audience currently in the market for your type of home.

Sales agency that takes the time

It is important to always take over business with people take through time. Each potential buyer is personally knowledgeable about the house and we are working “full service”. That means for you that we would like to take everything out of your hands and hopefully carefree sales care!

For sales and presentation of your property we only use professional photographers. We think themselves actively about the best way to present your home. We have professional floor of your home and make desired we put you in contact with interior stylists.

We present your property in the best possible way on Funda, our own website and a digital brochure that is sent. To interested parties upon request We also report your property to an internal broker system which it directly enters at 2,500 NVM properties in the Netherlands.

In addition, we will not sit back and wait for the buyer logs. Through our network, colleagues knowledge of the area and view of the target group we are actively looking for that buyer.