Agency that distinguishes itself from other real estate agencies

THIE Agency is an agency that distinguishes itself from other real estate agencies through a flexible approach, extensive experience and knowledge of the Amsterdam housing and a business position in negotiations.

Helen Thie works since 1998 in real estate in the Amsterdam region. Since 2006 she was sworn estate agent and appraiser.

About Helen “I often hear that people find me accessible and direct. In negotiations I get for my clients the bottom of the barrel”

The daily management of the agency is owned by Marieke Bous. Marieke studied architectural history and works in Amsterdam brokerage since 2004. At the office, she is actually responsible for all communication with customers, making brochures and presentation of homes on Funda. Marieke and Helen have always been interested in the development of cities and housing, architectural styles and neighborhoods. Marieke The knowledge gained during her studies, is now settled in handy. ”

Helen and Marieke are a strong team. They worked together in the Amsterdam brokerage, have also long been friends, tennis buddies and really a proven successful concept! Half a word, they really enough, both have a good brain but also empathy and heart for the profession and the clients. It is hard work by both ladies but also laughed enough and they get a lot of satisfaction to be able to do for their clients. Just that little bit more